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Receive USSR membership benefits, but I am not obligated to do so. I will not be charged any fees for membership benefits that I receive, as long as the club I choose is not a USSR Member Club. For more information on US Club Soccer. Member of the Los Angeles Galaxy For more information on membership benefits, you may contact US Club Soccer Member Services US Club Soccer's Member Services Department can be reached here or by calling: US Club Soccer Membership Benefits – Member Club FAQs Where does my team have to be located to participate in US Club Soccer Membership Benefits? Your team must have a physical address in Los Angeles to be eligible for our Member benefits. How do I become a Member? To become a member you must fill out our Member application form online and pay the Annual Membership Fee of 200 before your first monthly fee payment. The application and fee are due.

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PDF Available Here. All Youth Player Forms MUST be filled in COMPLETELY as to the name, address, phone number and email account to which all questions will be directed. This will be used as a reference when filling up any additional forms. Please provide us with: Your full name (no “s/m” to keep your contact information private) Your age (Please include a 2-3 way age group code, so we can properly match you with an appropriate team to play with. For example, in the 5-10 range, would be 5X,11X,1)12X, etc.) A brief but accurate resume including your previous participation in clubs and other Youth Activities You are a very, very young person (we're aiming to have a “minimum” age of 9 years old)  and would be of interest to us if you could provide us with a copy of one of your: High School / High School Diploma.

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Instructions on using our free r002 form How to add club names to the r002 form How to make a new club. How to view the soccer club in the r002 form Video instructions on completing the r002 form. How to write a letter of invitation to the soccer club. How to sign up for the soccer club. How to find a new soccer club. How to join the soccer club. How to start a new soccer club. How to pay dues to the soccer club.

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If you use the correct filing service I will pay a claim fee and send you an automated notification.   If you don't use my service you  won't get paid a claim can print out a copy of the Filing fee guide, which you can save/print and bring with you to the claim center when they ask for it. The fee guide has the correct claims filing fees with them.  The Fee guide has a fee breakdown as well for all the different areas of they are some other ways to file a claim: You could mail in a copy of your claim, but be aware that USPS does not usually send them all the way through the claim center. You could send in a faxed copy of your claim. If you fax in the claim for this contest or use my website and enter my address (I will.

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The application process requires the following information to be submitted if you reside in the region: Full Name Full City Town/Village Height Weight Eye Color Gender Date of Birth Date of Birth: MM/DD/YYY Signature of Your Parent if over the age of sixteen years Age of Majority Social Security Number Name Phone Number If Your Birth Date Do Not Match a Youth Player Application (or Your Name Does Not Match the one in the Youth Player Registration Form), You Will Not Be Accepted. If you wish to receive these notifications of your eligibility review, please forward to: USA Football (USA Football Board of Directors) Box 1089 Blossom Green, Ohio 44662 Email: All applications are subject to the final approval by the USA Football Board of Directors.